“Aventis Group” LLP is a system integrator in informatization and automation of technological processes in electricity, heat and water. The company is specialized in design and realization of the projects in automation of technological processes, supervisory control and data collection (SCADA), automated metering infrastructure systems (AMI) and other informatization systems for all kind of energy resources.




Our team consist of  highly qualified professionals with great experience in the energy sector, industry of automation and information of technological processes. Main office is located in Astana city, also the company has its own branches,  located in Almaty, Pavlodar and Petropavlovsk cities (Republic of Kazakhstan).


In 2013 “Aventis Group” LLP has realized a pilot project of Automated metering infrastructure for more than 6000 points for distribution companies in Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Akmola  and North – Kazakhstan region.


In 2014 the expansion of the system to 36000 metering points is under implementation.


Our mission is development and integration of highly qualified automated systems in energy sector (genetation , distribution of electrical and thermal  energy) to reduce the production costs and to improve the efficiency and profitability of the companies. We  apply proven, technologically and cost effective hardware and software  solutions from leading suppliers and manufacturers.


The mail goal is to become a leader in delivery of advanced technologies and Smart Grid solutions for for energy sector, including electricity, heat and water in Kazakhstan.